• [Platinum:: 0]
  • [Gold:: 41]
  • [Silver:: 1]
  • [Copper:: 3]


const getName = t => {
    const boldName = t.text.substr(0, t.text.indexOf(" — "));
    const name = boldName.substr(2, boldName.length-4);
    return dv.blockLink(
const getAmount = t => {
    const amount = t.Amount;
    return amount === undefined ? 1 : amount;
const items = dv.current().file.tasks
    .filter(t => t.tags.includes("#Character/Item"))
    .filter(t => t.completed);
    ["Name", "Amount"],
    items.map(t => [


Main Inventory

  • Backpack — A backpack holds up to 4 Bulk of items. If you’re carrying or stowing the pack rather than wearing it on your back, its bulk is light instead of negligible. The first 2 Bulk of items in your backpack don’t count against your Bulk limits.Item
  • Healer’s Tools — This kit of bandages, herbs, and suturing tools is necessary for Medicine checks to Administer First Aid, Treat Disease, Treat Poison, or Treat Wounds. If you wear your healer’s tools, you can draw and replace them as part of the action that uses them.Item


  • Artisan’s Tools — Woodworker’s tools. You need these tools to create items from raw materials with the Craft skill. Sterling artisan’s tools give you a +1 item bonus to the check.Item
  • BedrollItem
  • Caltrops — [Amount:: 2]. These four-pronged metal spikes can cause damage to a creature’s feet. You can scatter caltrops in an empty square adjacent to you with an Interact action. The first creature that moves into that square must succeed at a DC 14 Acrobatics check or take 1d4 piercing damage and 1 persistent bleed damage. A creature taking persistent bleed damage from caltrops takes a -5-foot penalty to its Speed. Spending an Interact action to pluck the caltrops free reduces the DC to stop the bleeding. Once a creature takes damage from caltrops, enough caltrops are ruined that other creatures moving into the square are safe.Item
  • Chalk — [Amount:: 8].Item
  • Climbing Kit — This satchel includes 50 feet of rope, pulleys, a dozen pitons, a hammer, a grappling hook, and one set of crampons. Climbing kits allow you to attach yourself to the wall you’re Climbing, moving half as quickly as usual (minimum 5 feet) but letting you attempt a DC 5 flat check whenever you critically fail to prevent a fall. You gain a +1 item bonus to Athletics checks to Climb while using an extreme climbing kit. A single kit has only enough materials for one climber; each climber needs their own kit.Item
  • Clothing (Winter) — Winter clothing allows you to negate the damage from severe environmental cold and reduce the damage from extreme cold to that of severe cold.Item
  • Crowbar — When Forcing Open an object that doesn’t have an easy grip, a crowbar makes it easier to gain the necessary leverage. Without a crowbar, prying something open takes a -2 item penalty to the Athletics check to Force Open (similar to using a shoddy item). A levered crowbar grants you a +1 item bonus to Athletics checks to Force Open anything that can be pried open.Item
  • Flint and Steel — Flint and steel are useful in creating a fire if you have the time to catch a spark, though using them is typically too time-consuming to be practical during an encounter. Even in ideal conditions, using flint and steel to light a flame requires using at least 3 actions, and often significantly longer.Item
  • HammerItem
  • Rations — [Amount:: 2].Item
  • Repair Kit — A repair kit allows you to perform simple repairs while traveling. It contains a portable anvil, tongs, woodworking tools, a whetstone, and oils for conditioning leather and wood. You can use a repair kit to Repair items using the Crafting skill. A superb repair kit gives you a +1 item bonus to the check.Item
  • Rope — 30 ft.Item
  • SoapItem
  • Torch — [Amount:: 5]. A torch sheds bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light to the next 20 feet). It can be used as an improvised weapon that deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage plus 1 fire damage.Item
  • WaterkinItem
  • WaterkinItem
  • Ancient Square Gold Coin — [Amount:: 5] (from 2024-04-14 - Droga do Obalonego Drzewa — 1 & 2024-04-17 - Droga do Obalonego Drzewa (zamek) — 4).Item
  • Basic Crafter’s Book — This book contains the formulas for Crafting the 0-level common items in the Equipment Chapter.Item
  • Wind at your back — This object can only be described as a gray, solidified, miniature cloud that feels spongy to the touch. The cloud is incredibly soft and can be easily lifted with little effort, though its ephemeral nature requires using two hands to ensure it doesn’t slip from your grasp.
  • Sling Bullets — [Amount:: 20]Item