Welcome to the 馃尨 Jungle!

What is this?

I鈥檝e been using Obsidian for some time already and I found it to be a great place for storing information in a loosely-manner, so it can be retrieved at a later time. I was thinking about publishing my notes for some time, but I wanted to do so in a more controlled way.

Also, I鈥檝e been toying with an idea to add recipes and short notes sections to my website. Frankly, I lacked the motivation to create new subpage templates with the necessary functionality.

Meet 馃尨 Jungle!

馃尨 Jungle is mostly an experiment; it鈥檚 a digital garden of sorts. I鈥檓 planning to publish some of my Obsidian notes here, so that they can be easily accessed by me and my friends, on any device.

Why not publish on madebyme.today?

I鈥檝e established an unwritten contact between me and my readers 鈥 madebyme.today is for tech-related articles. I feel like if I鈥檇 publish a TTRPG session log or a cinnamon roll recipe on my website, I鈥檇 break that contract.

Think of it like this:

  • madebyme.today is only for tech,
  • 馃尨 Jungle is not only for tech 鈥 it is more Kamil.

What can I find here?

Who knows? 炉\_(銉)_/炉

The notes are kind of unstructured 鈥 I鈥檒l put here anything I鈥檓 willing to share with the internet 鈥 and only marginally reviewed before publishing, so you can expect typos and 404s.

Is it published with Obsidian Publish?


Obsidian Publish is a great tool, but it does not allow you to fully customise the static website it produces. For this project I鈥檝e decided to go with Quartz by Jacky. Quartz is a static-site generator 鈥 like Hugo 鈥 but it was built with Obsidian in mind; it handles Wikilinks, Callouts, and many other Obsidian features out-of-the-box.