• [Level ::2]
  • [XP:: 470]

Learned Cantrips & Spells

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Character levels

Level 1


Fey-Touched Gnome — The blood of the fey is so strong within you that you’re truly one of them. You gain the fey trait, in addition to the gnome and humanoid traits. Choose one cantrip from the primal spell list. You can cast this spell as a primal innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up. You can change this cantrip to a different one from the same list once per day by meditating to realign yourself with the First World; this is a 10-minute activity that has the concentrate trait.

  • Disrupt Undead — You lance the target with energy. You deal 1d6 plus your spellcasting ability modifier positive damage. The target must attempt a basic Fortitude save. If the creature critically fails the save, it is also enfeebled 1 for 1 round.Cantrip

Ancestry Feat

First World Magic — Your connection to the First World grants you a primal innate spell, much like those of the fey. Choose one cantrip from the primal spell list. You can cast this spell as a primal innate spell at will. A cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level rounded up.

  • Ray of Frost — You blast an icy ray. Make a spell attack roll. The ray deals cold damage equal to 1d4 plus your spell-casting ability modifier.Cantrip


Draconic — The blood of dragons flows through your veins. These beasts are both fearsome in combat and skilled at magic.

  • Spell list: arcane
  • Bloodline Skills: Arcana, Intimidation
  • Granted Spells:
    • 1st: shield (cantrip), true strike
    • 2st: resist energy
    • 3st: haste
    • 4st: spell immunity
    • 5st: chromatic wall
    • 6st: dragon form
    • 7st: mask of terror
    • 8st: prismatic wall
    • 9st: overwhelming presence
  • Bloodline Spells: Draconic scales grow briefly on you or one target, granting a +1 status bonus to AC for 1 round.
Dragon Type

At 1st level, choose the type of dragon that influenced your bloodline. You can’t change your dragon type later. This affects how some of your bloodline spells function. The good metallic dragons and their damage types are brass (fire), bronze (electricity), copper (acid), gold (fire), and silver (cold). The evil chromatic dragons and their damage types are black (acid), blue (electricity), green (poison), red (fire), and white (cold). The primal dragons of planar origin and their damage types are brine (acid), cloud (electricity), crystal (piercing), magma (fire), and umbral (negative). The imperial dragons and their damage types are forest (piercing), sea (bludgeoning), sky (electricity), sovereign (mental), and underworld (fire).


For the dragon breath focus spell, the area is a 60-foot line for a brine dragon; a 30-foot cone for a cloud, crystal, forest, magma, sovereign, or umbral dragon; and a 10-foot burst within 30 feet for a sea, sky, or underworld dragon.

  • Dragon Type: bronze (electricity)

Spells & Cantrips

  • Electric Arc — An arc of lightning leaps from one target to another. You deal electricity damage equal to 1d4 plus your spellcasting ability modifier.Cantrip
  • Root Reading — You gain general insights into the immediate vicinity by sending your sense through the root systems of trees and bushes. If there are any unnoticed Medium or larger creatures in the area, you learn of their presence and they’re undetected to you. You can immediately attempt to Seek an undetected creature, and you gain a +1 status bonus to this attempt and any of your other attempts to Seek hidden or undetected creatures until the end of your next turn. You also learn if any such creatures passed through this area in the last hour, although you get only the vaguest sense of direction from the spell. If you begin to Track a creature detected in this way, you gain a +1 status bonus to the initial check.Cantrip
  • Scatter Scree — You evoke a jumble of rocks in the area. The scattering rocks deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 plus your spellcasting ability modifier to creatures in the area, with a basic Reflex save. The ground in the area becomes difficult terrain for the duration. A creature can Interact to clear a square of this scree.Cantrip
  • Light — The object glows, casting bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for the next 20 feet) like a torch. If you cast this spell again on a second object, the light spell on the first object ends.Cantrip
  • Shield — You raise a magical shield of force. This counts as using the Raise a Shield action, giving you a +1 circumstance bonus to AC until the start of your next turn, but it doesn’t require a hand to use.Cantrip
  • Burning Hands — Gouts of flame rush from your hands. You deal 2d6 fire damage to creatures in the area.Spell
  • Magic Missile — You send a dart of force streaking toward a creature that you can see. It automatically hits and deals 1d4+1 force damage. For each additional action you use when Casting the Spell, increase the number of missiles you shoot by one, to a maximum of three missiles for 3 actions. You choose the target for each missile individually. If you shoot more than one missile at the same target, combine the damage before applying bonuses or penalties to damage, resistances, weaknesses, and so forth.Spell
  • True Strike — A glimpse into the future ensures your next blow strikes true. The next time you make an attack roll before the end of your turn, roll the attack twice and use the better result. The attack ignores circumstance penalties to the attack roll and any flat check required due to the target being concealed or hidden.Spell
Focus Spells
  • Dragon Claws — Vicious claws grow from your fingers. They are finesse unarmed attacks that deal 1d4 slashing damage and 1d6 extra damage of a type determined by the dragon in your bloodline.Focus

Level 2

Class Feat

  • Dangerous Sorcery — Your legacy grants you great destructive power. When you Cast a Spell from your spell slots, if the spell deals damage and doesn’t have a duration, you gain a status bonus to that spell’s damage equal to the spell’s level.Feat

Skill Feat

  • Battle Medicine — You can patch up yourself or an adjacent ally, even in combat. Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds, and restore a corresponding amount of Hit Points; this does not remove the wounded condition. As with Treat Wounds, you can attempt checks against higher DCs if you have the minimum proficiency rank. The target is then temporarily immune to your Battle Medicine for 1 day.Feat

Spells & Cantrips

  • Horizon Thunder Sphere — You gather magical energy into your palm, forming a concentrated ball of electricity that crackles and rumbles like impossibly distant thunder. Make a ranged spell attack roll against your target’s AC. On a success, you deal 3d6 electricity damage. On a critical success, the target takes double damage and is dazzled for 1 round. The number of actions you spend when Casting this Spell determines the range and other parameters.Spell
    Two action: (somatic, verbal) This spell has a range of 30 feet.
    Three action: (material, somatic, verbal) This spell has a range of 60 feet and deals half damage on a failure (but not a critical failure) as the electricity lashes out and jolts the target.
    Two rounds: If you spend 3 actions Casting the Spell, you can avoid finishing the spell and spend another 3 actions on your next turn to empower the spell even further. If you do, after attacking the target, whether you hit or miss, the ball of lightning explodes, dealing 2d6 electricity damage to all other creatures in a 10‑foot emanation around the target (basic Reflex save). Additionally, you spark with electricity for 1 minute, dealing 1 electricity damage to creatures that Grab you or that hit you with an unarmed Strike or a non-reach melee weapon.