Two things combined this week that took a significant portion of my free time: I got invested into RPGs more and I published online. The website is mostly an experiment, but it also a great opportunity to share my RPG session notes.

Interesting stuff

Favourite article

Rest Days vs Recovery Days — from the LessWrong’s hall of fame, article by Unreal on the distinction between Rest Days and Recovery Days.

Recovery Days are like work but easier. Video games are one example; after a long day you might decide to chill out and play Sid Meyer’s Civilization, but — for anyone how hasn’t got a change to play the game — Civ is anything but chilling out.

Rest Days are I-have-the-energy-to-do-anything days. Your goal is to follow your gut and allow yourself to drift on thoughts. There are no scheduled obligations on rest days — that includes dinner on specific hour.


Rest Days are for being in the Now. The Now needs to be protected from influences from both the past (obligations) and the future (anxieties).

References: Rest Days vs Recovery Days.

Favourite website

Practical betterment — a collection of one-off actions that improve your life continuously — however marginally.

The website isn’t too too rich with content; you can easily skim over these items in a few minutes. Checkout The best practical betterments1 if it doesn’t strike your fancy, then it’s probably not for you.

From: ^practical-betterment.

Log (or not so interesting stuff)

After setting up I figured it would be nice to do the same for old and forgotten Polaris — it’s a vector graphics gallery; I created the website when I was interested in making vector graphics for fun. I updated the custom domain in the repository settings and it broke the website.

I think the issue lies in the package.json file:

    // ...
    "homepage": "",
    // ...

A non-root path: /Polaris causes React to emit prefixes to all paths in manifests and in compiled sources. I tried to rebuild the project with the fix, but 3 years of ignoring NPM updates make it break on Node v20.5.0. Frankly, I didn’t cared enough to find a working version of Node, so I binary patched the artefacts and it works:

References: ^polaris-domain-task.

Both MadeByMe and Jungle projects are kept as private repositories on GitHub, but their artefacts are published to public repositories, and those have GitHub Pages enabled. The flow is fully automated, except one thing: API Key expiry date. It can make a good article; I’ve added the idea to the Purgatory: Board.

From: 2024-04-17.

Quill — a replacement for bloated CKEditor; when I worked on a Django website I invested too much time to configure the editor.

From: ^quill.


  1. It’s alloying when websites don’t have id attributes on their headings. Normally I would link directly to the section I’m referring to, but in this case I can’t.