Joshua Katz

  • [Name:: Joshua Katz]
  • [Awakening:: ]
  • [Archetype:: ]
  • [Occupation:: Prosecutor]

Who you are

A recently graduated lawyer, who took the job no one wanted in Detroit. You have a nice house in the uptown area. Your looks and social status make you very popular among women, and you are aware of your charm. You are a perfectionist, both when it comes to yourself and to others. Your home is as immaculately arranged as your own personal appearance. It is hard for you to handle emotions and feel sympathy for other people, particularly those who are sloppy, overweight, ugly, or people who do not take care of themselves. You hide this contempt behind a perfect smile and a veneer of compassion. You see Detroit as a vehicle for your career. After a number of high-profile cases, you intend to get into politics, as you believe having fought for justice in a city like Detroit will look excellent on your resume. Finding the Bedford boy could be your meal ticket.

Connection to Franklin Mills

Franklin Mills is apprehended and accused of a series of murders, as well as the
abduction of a young boy, William Bedford – who is now presumed dead. The case
has attracted the media’s attention and engaged many in Detroit. Intent on using
this to your advantage, you forced through the arrangements for Franklin Mills being
shepherded around the crime scenes. He maintains he has lost his memory, and you
are hoping to make him remember and confess, and perhaps, most importantly, find
out what he did with the missing boy. The forensic evidence and witnesses ensure
Franklin cannot escape justice – you are certain of nailing him. But the case and the
crime-scene reenactment offer the perfect opportunity to position yourself as the
prosecutor who cares about the common people. You have already tipped off the
journalists anonymously, assuring they will show up at the house where you will hold
the first reconstruction, so you can spark some media coverage.


  • Reconstruct the crime scenes. Let Aidan Kostroff demonstrate how he entered the house, and Felicia Jenner show you where she found Franklin Mills. See if you can get Franklin Mills to demonstrate how he killed his victims.
  • See if you can find William Bedford’s body.
  • Get Franklin Mills to confess.
  • Maintain the appearance of being a moral and responsible person.
  • Felicia Jenner has the reputation of being corrupt and she is quite definitely an alcoholic (you know one when you see one). You want to dig up more dirt on her. She might be a good scapegoat to dangle in front of the media or someone you can have a hold over.


102 - Joshua Katz's Attributes

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Text Elements


Keep it together


Endure injury


Avoid Harm




Read a Person


Act Under Pressure


Engage in Combat


Observe a Situation


Influence Other


See Though the Illusion











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Dark Secrets

You grew up in a nice home in Washington, DC. Your father, Robert, was a Republican politician and died of cancer when you were 7 years old. Your mother, Laura, took care of you during your entire childhood. She was respected in high society, and concealed her alcoholism and depression well. But you knew. You found her unconscious several times and had to console and take care of her, as she drunkenly threatened to kill herself. She became increasingly embarrassing, nearly disgracing your family name and your and her reputation. So when she stood there with the pill box and the liquor bottle and wanting your pity, you said you didn’t love her anymore and she should just go ahead and do it. The next day, she was dead from an overdose of sleeping pills. She was found lying in her own vomit on the upper floor of the house. You felt relieved. The outpouring of sympathy definitely helped you as well.




Dramatic Hooks


Serious Wounds (-1 ongoing)Stabilized
siłowanie z grubasemfalse
Critical Wound (-1 ongoing)Stabilized


  • Composed

Moderate stress

-1 to Disadvantage rolls

  • Uneasy
  • Unfocused

Serious stress

-1 Keep it Together
-2 to Disadvantage rolls

  • Shaken
  • Distressed
  • Neurotic

Critical stress

-2 Keep it Together
-3 to Disadvantage rolls
+1 See Through the Illusion

  • Anxious
  • Irrational
  • Unhinged


The GM makes a Move.

  • Broken


Impeccably dressed in brand-name clothes. Black leather gloves. Expensive coat. Robust winter shoes, as you will go into desolate houses and Zug Island. Portfolio with a laptop and important documents. Smartphone of the latest model. Small video camera to film Franklin, if needed. Keys. Wallet with various credit cards and a few business cards. Antibacterial tissue in your pocket.

  • Paczka papierosów z lat 70. (prawie pełna bez jednego papierosa).