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A new idea came to my head: I’d like to try fermenting mead. I have a few recipes I’d like to try and I already selected all necessary equipment. I need to do notes on whole procedure still, but other than that I’m ready! (Of course On thoughts quarantine applies here, so I still need to wait; besides my calendar for June is crazy and I wouldn’t have time to take care of the fermentation jar anyway.)

A lot of reading happened this week. Also, I played the most enjoyable TTRPG session as of yet (2024-06-07 - Miasto Świtu, cz. 2).

Interesting stuff

Favourite book

I was planning to read The Way of Kings for some time now. In a few places on the Internet I read that it’s best to have a background in other Cosmere works, before diving into The Stormlight Archive. So, I read first Warbreaker and then Elantris. I thought Warbreaker was a little stronger, but I enjoyed them both.

When I’m writing this I’m on 14% of The Way of Kings and so far I like it very much.


  • 2024-06-08: Kind of spontaneously I want to the 23rd Grand Dragons’ Parade in Cracow. I wasn’t planning to, but I got invited. There was the largest crowd of people I’ve ever seen.

    (I know, the image is 404, but there’re weird and I’m not allowed to publish their content even with proper attribution.)