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Packing and sightseeing. 🇮🇹

I didn’t have time (and desire) to read articles and write notes this week, so there’s not much in here.


An interesting article on having second chances: The myth of the second chance. Then, by a complete chance I found this LessWrong article: D&D.Sci. The goal is to adjust your D&D stats to maximize your chances of success in the Great Quest. I suggest you give it a shoot; if you’d like to see my solution checkout D&D.Sci.

VESCOVO DI ROMA (Italian: bishop of Rome) — is the first title of the Pope given in the Annuario Pontificio, the annual directory of the Holy See of the Catholic Church.

Pylint 3.2.0-dev0 docs link to my article Performance Analysis of Python’s dict() and {}. This is really existing.